When buying wigs you have two choices, either a closure or a frontal lace. What is a closure? What is a frontal lace? What to choose, which is the best choice?

What is a closure?

A closure is a piece covering the front part of the head size 4x4 ie 4 inches long and wide. There are 3 models: the one with 1 line (central line), 3 lines or a free one.

What is a frontal lace?

The front lace is a large closure about the size of a half wig, going from left ear to right ear. It is usually a size of 13x4, allowing you unlimited hairstyles.

What is the difference between a lace and a closure?

  • The first difference is in the size, the closure covers part of the head (side or middle) thus limiting actions with it while the lace covers half of the head which allows you to do an unlimited number of actions. With a lace, it is possible to make hairstyles as if they were your own while keeping its natural effect and it allows to use less strands than expected since it covers half of the head. a closure you are often limited to a single hairstyle, it is impossible to achieve a 100% natural effect because it covers a small part of the head.
  • The second difference is in the cost, the closure is cheaper than the lace and this is justified by the fact that a lace offers you more choices than a closure.

What should I choose?

For the choice, it all depends on the desired style and budget. Both are suitable for all needs but the front lace will be best suited to give you a natural effect (as if it were your hair) while giving you the ability to create styles at will.

  • At BESTIGLAMOUR HAIR, you can find both on our site and what is good is the value for money even if most of our wigs are with frontal lace in order to allow you to have more possibilities, to be versatile, to change your style. We offer the best qualified at affordable prices this is part of our mission

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